as the danes do


Every time I get all disapproving about the way Americans live—notably the acceptance of a 50 hour work week and the absurd portion sizes—I find myself frustrated by our stupidity, wondering why we don't pay more attention to the way they do things in Denmark. 

And it's not just Denmark; obviously there are so many countries that have achieved a more balanced lifestyle than the States, but ever since visiting Copenhagen a few years ago, I can't help but feel that they're doing it best. stores shut down by dinner, open late the next day. Lunch breaks are a respected thing (and no, you are not praised for not taking one, or scarfing down a microwavable burrito at your keyboard). My perception might have been off because I was on vacation more or less, but I felt like everyone else was very much just chillin' while living their [still productive and fulfilled] lives.

So this is me reminiscing on the week spent walking cobblestone streets, wishing I lived in a red—or yellow or blue—house, determined to do away with my fear of bike riding, and rethinking my entire wardrobe because man, do Danes know style. 


It was here that I ate the most thoughtful avocado toast ever presented to me, and probably the only place I would ever willingly spend money on bread with avocado on top. And where I was introduced to the brilliant concept of grapefruit with granola: proof again that the danes know what they're doing. 

Kelsey Gleason