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For quite some time now, I’ve had this growing curiosity as to what a life on the West Coast would be like. Expressing this curiosity to others, I was naturally met with loads of opinions, and quickly grew very tired of hearing all of them—that the traffic is horrendous, the expenses are impossible, but oh, the weather is a dream. It became quite clear to me that the only way to form my own opinion was to see it for myself: sunshine, smog and all.

So I did. For three short days I navigated overwhelming terrain of LA by means of Uber, and foot when possible. I learned a lot in those three days.

Put simply, I appreciate everything the city has to offer. It’s special, no doubt. But the magical chaos of it all isn’t for me at the moment.

Waking before the sun, up wth the surfers, watching them from the still-chilly sand. The year-round accessibility to local produce, the most exciting being avocados. Those were the parts that felt so right. Lucky for me, California is big, the ocean stretches far, and avocado trees exist throughout.

Kelsey Gleason